LANDSCAPE North Norfolk

Upcoming Exhibition 2020

James is working on a series of paintings of North Norfolk, UK, which will be shown at John Mitchell Fine Paintings, Mayfair, in the early part of 2020. In contrast to his exhibitions based on mountain landscapes these paintings will deal with horizontal compositions. The paintings will be strongly influenced by the oil sketches of John Constable, which James has studied since a young boy.


For some years James has been a judge for the Young Art Exhibition held annually at the Royal College of Art. The exhibition promotes art in schools and raises money for Cancer Relief. This year the exhibition raised over £80,000 for Cancer Relief. Read more about Young


During February/March 2019 James showed a small collection of Alpine studies in the exhibition Peaks and Glaciers 2019 at John Mitchell Fine Paintings, 17 Avery Row, Brook Street, London, W1K 4BF. View the work.


Recent Exhibition 2018

During December 2017 James travelled to Patagonia, South America,  with two experienced climbers, to explore and paint the mountain landscapes. The resulting paintings were shown at John Mitchell Fine Paintings, 17 Avery Row, London, W1k 4BF in 2018. View the paintings and project.

Art in the Aftermath Exhibition

Since March 2018  James has been mentoring Dougie Adams, an ex soldier wounded in Afghanistan, who is now trying to become a professional artist. Dougie is part of a group of ex service personel who are being helped by the charity Style for Soldiers, set up by Emma Willis in 2007. Their work was exhibited at a high profile exhibition ‘Art in the Aftermath’ in Central London in November. Dougie sold all his work and has received numerous commissions. Read more.